Gemy - Bridal Spring Summer 2014

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"Do you know what Skye is?" (x)
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Miss Marvel lol

Happy Birthday, Chloe Bennet! (April 18th, 1992)


1/ reasons why I like Chloe Bennet.

I’m doing a bit of fandom hopping here, but you guys, you know what the perfect Skyeward song is?


It’s Uh-oh by Chloe Wang.

Anonymous asked:
Chloe and Brett should stop acting cute. I'm trying hard not to ship them but they are making it harder



Actually it’s kind of easy when you consider that 


Chloe has a boyfriend


Brett has a girlfriend AND DAUGHTER

And that if they ever went past friends, they would both be cheating liars and an actual family would get ripped apart

And as cute as they are when they tease or joke, there are real actual people at stake, one of whom is two years old. There is no reset button where they meet on set and Brett isn’t a dad. 

I wouldn’t be able to respect them if that happened. I’d have to stop shipping Skyeward. It would be tainted by these two ignoring their responsibilities and their promises to people they loved. If you still find it difficult, imagine Brett packing a bag, kneeling down to kiss his crying daughter goodbye and trying to figure out how to tell her that he doesn’t love her mom anymore.

I don’t think you probably want that.

So please don’t wish for it. Even idly.


Chloe Bennet and Bratt Dalton at PaleyFest 2014

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